Course Care

1. Repair ball marks, your own and any others close to your own

2. Fill divots, especially on par 3 tees

3. Adhere to cart traffic signs and staking. This could be the most important of all items.  Because of the large number of rounds Country Creek has on a daily basis the need to disperse cart traffic is vital.  As weather cools and Bermuda grass grows slower it also recovers slower from wear.  These areas tend to become “hard panned” and difficult to play out of.  Par 3’s are always cart path only.  It is unusual, but there may be rain that causes us to be “cart path only.” While a little inconvenient it is a necessary restriction as the turf gets damaged and any ruts created from tires make for poor playability.  I put a photo in to illustrate the damage just a few carts can do when not following the rules.

4.  Rake bunkers after shots.  Hopefully this list is a helpful reminder of the role each golfer plays in keeping your course beautiful.  Keep others accountable and we’ll enjoy a fun season here at Country Creek.

Cart Use

Please keep the carts on the cart paths on all par 3’s and use the 90 degree rule on the par 4’s. If you are eligible for a handicap flag, remember that carts must remain at least 30 feet from the greens. Cart use is restricted on two to three par 4 holes every day on a rotating basis. Please be on the look out for the “Cart Path Only” signs.

Private Cart Use Policy

As a convenience and as an effort to reduce parking problems, effective 12/1/2014 residents of The Villages at Country Creek will be allowed to use their personal golf carts on the course to play golf. Conditions that must be met before being allowed on the course are as follows:

  • 18X8.5-8 or 18X8.5-10 low profile Standard golf course tires must be on the cart (No knobby off road tires will be allowed).
  • Only four wheeled, electric golf carts equipped with sand buckets are allowed for use on the golf course. Carts must be neat in appearance and mechanically dependable.
  • Proof of insurance with VCC Master Association as co-insured or a signed release of liability and residency in VCC must be shown and regularly updated upon expiration of insurance policy or the cart will not be allowed on the course. Any damage to the course resulting from mechanical breakdown or carelessness will be charged to the cart owner for the cost of the repair, based on time and materials.
  • If said cart breaks down on the course a fee of $30 will be charged to the owner by the Association for towing the cart to the owners’ residence.
  • To register the cart for use, contact the pro-shop to set up an appointment to have the cart inspected. Once the cart has been inspected and approved for use on the course, a numbered sticker will be issued to be applied on the lower left side of the front windshield. If the golf cart is traded in for a different or new golf cart, a new sticker will be needed as well as an inspection.
  • Members with private carts may ride with each other but may not loan their cart to other members or guests.
  • Guests of any member are permitted to use a member’s golf cart only when accompanied by the member owning the cart.
  • Only licensed drivers are allowed to operate the cart.
  • A fee of $10.00 will be charged for record keeping and purchase of stickers.
  • There will be no reductions in cost to play a round of golf, even if using your own cart.

If questions regarding the above, please contact the VCC Pro shop at 239-947-3840. Thank you and happy golfing.